Monday, February 26, 2018

Norwegian Child Welfare Agency Forcibly Removes 12-year-old From Family Home for the Crime of Being Homeschooled

ISHRI and SCSS respond (PDF). From the letter to Norway's Ambassador to the U.S.:
News reports told the story about how the Kristiansen family, which had not long ago returned to Norway from Canada where they had been living, had their 12-yearold son forcibly—literally, as he was physically subdued by police and agents of your Barnevernet (child welfare agency)—taken away from them because they removed him from one of your government-run schools to teach him at home. This is not a unique case, as the Barnevernet has attracted much attention in recent years for questionable intrusions into Norwegian families and removing children from their parents for reasons that have not involved true child maltreatment.

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